Do & Evolve! by Roger Koplenig

XeeMe_LogoToday I want to talk to you about social presence management, and how I started utilising it myself, as well as I use it today. Back in 2010 an online friend from Finland mentioned a link to a site called XeeSM. At this site he listed all links to his profiles on all social media platforms. Great idea I thought, and I registered for my own profile site there (13th March 2010, member no. 32384), not knowing what huge benefits I would gain of it in the future. Today this free social presence management tool is known as XeeMe (pronounced See Me) and has evolved in a great way (more than 1 million members). Instead of mentioning all my other platform links on my profiles I started to promote only my Xeeme-Link, where my entire social presence was listed.

What happened then? Honestly said, not that much. XeeMe was…

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