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Most people do not even know the main reason for to post things in facebook groups. The main reason should be, to get in touch with people, for to get new contacts. But the word  “contact” means, to get into a “personal” conversation ! – “People are not machines !”

Most, are just posting like machines, they hardly ever read any postings of others, which is partly understandable, but it is not the point I try to make. They just don’t communicate.

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“Where there is no vision, the people perish !” – Prov. 29:18

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Some twenty years ago Bill Gates had a great vision. Some thought, he was grazy, but others joined him, and they are now among the richest people in the whole world today.

Not too long ago, the founders of Google, had a great vision, see, where they are now ! Then came Mr. Zuckerberg, with facebook, and they have more than 1 Billion people, that are using his network. There is also Amazon, or E-Bay, and a few others. They all have one thing in common : “They are all very successful, but you have no part in it !”

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Dreams will come through, and the visions too. Let me share one of our dreams with you. “Dreams of great beauty, peace, and harmony !” – You are now invited, to share our great vision with us, and all your dreams will come to pass. It’s only the power off “team-work,”
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