The Empire Avenue Experience :-)

Inspired by my dear online friend Angelo Karageorgos, I want to introduce now this cool and amazing social network to you. Here a shortcut to here :

If you click on this picture beneath, you will get directly to my “empire avenue” account, where you can get you a great investment, because my dividends are increasing daily :

My Empire Avenue - Invest in me today - Great Dividend

Angelo did not only inspire me, he also wrote a great article for #newcomers about this great network, and asked me to blog it for him. “Thank you Angelo !” – Here is his work:

Empire Avenue is an online community whose ultimate goal is connectivity and cooperative promotion of the products and services of the participants on social media.

The story goes as follows: There is value (=promotion) exchange with the use of digital money which was invented by the creators of the game.

• You use virtual currency that is called eaves. The eaves cannot be exchanged with real money but only the opposite. You can pay to purchase eaves.

• Every player is like a company. S/he has shareholders, net wealth, share value etc. Most of the times s/he has a company in the real life. It’s not usual to see someone in there that doesn’t promote something. This doesn’t mean that you are going to come across a flood of advertisements. That’s not gonna happen in any way.

• Your share value depends on many factors but the most significant ones are how active and influential you are in the social platforms that you have connected with EA, how much is your dividend from your current investments and how many shares of yours are bought.

• The virtual currency that is called eaves can be used either to invest in other people (buy their shares), or to create Missions (I will refer later).

• One of the main purposes of a considerate player is to be a shareholder to all the people that have invested in him/her. Imagine the friend request on facebook. In EA the people that have invested to one another are somehow connected. The good thing is that when someone connects with you has done a small commit by paying eaves for a number of your shares. S/he hasn’t just clicked a button to request your friendship or follow you.

• I cannot say that my business experience is superficial, but talking about their gamification elements I would say have amazed me. Their budges are a science themselves. Your motivation to be engaged so that will result in traffic is magnificent. You even have many good reasons to leave a comment to each one of the hundreds of people you will invest.

• Especially in the beginning, they send you personalized messages and mails from humans in order to give you directions accustomed to your conditions.

• The most important fact you’ll notice if you engage in the platform is that most of the people that are seriously participating are connected in most of the social media. You may make a friend with whom you’ll have plenty of mutual friends. This shows that is a community in every sense which of course plays a significant role to motivate you to want to take part. Even from my first days in empire avenue I had made many friends and at that time it was the only reason that my google plus account was evolving as it was between life and death at that time. Maybe the next days I will ask for help to increase in Stumbleupon, in example.

• And as for the connectivity and the networking it’s much different to know a person from the game where you have invested on each other and you have done his/her missions than to bulk follow people on twitter that you don’t remember even their name. And in general I believe the level of the people there is high compared to what you all have seen that exists around the world in the social network platforms.

• There exist specific people from the game that inform when a new member that has good scores in other social networks signs up. This way all of us run to buy from his/her shares because they are very cheap and this person has good potential according to the other platforms. At the same time the new player is boosted from his/her very beginning.

• Judging from my financial development in the game, for me is highly win-win. Don’t think that you need to have any financial data analysis skills to increase your wealth. That’s why it mostly doesn’t have people that don’t promote something. The financial data are virtual in every case. What concerns the serious ones is to connect and be promoted. It doesn’t contain any financial complication in order to motivate someone just to play and gain money. At least, this is how I see it. Else, it couldn’t be possible for me to do just basic things as investing and completing missions but at the same time systematically increasing my wealth. And this is how all the people that are engaged behave. The cost is only to be engaged.

• If you are asking me if someone can drive engaged traffic to his/her site directly from there; I don’t think so unless s/he is doing B2B so someone from in there sees it and is interested. But someone can hugely drive traffic indirectly with the following way:

S/he can create missions. To pay an amount of eaves of his/her preference to anyone who does whatever s/he says. For example to go to his/her facebook page and press 5 likes. This way you, also, can earn money by completing other people’s missions. Many people are so abundant in the game that create missions where you just press the button and be paid the eaves without any obligation, for a good weekend in example. In general, as aforementioned, it is not difficult to make money and create missions. In my first two weeks I had a net wealth of 3M eaves and I could easily in one day gather the appropriate amount needed to make a mission for 30 people to like my page. Then a few days are needed for all these people to complete the mission.

• If you are interested in free promotion of course it’s a great idea. I cannot say how cost-effective it is, that depends on your ways. We all have different rhythms, are in different situations and work in diversified ways. I am sure that up to a week is enough to learn how things work and then everything goes really easily and quickly. It is extremely user friendly and this information is more than enough for you to start playing.
In empire avenue you can find me as (e)BONOBO100. There’s no need to mention that, but when you invest in me, I always invest back.

Here now little bit more info about my very interesting cool friend Angelo : 

See the entire social media presence of Angelo here !

Angelo is the founder and owner of and he also is a power networker. To see his entire social presence all on one page, just click the picture to your left here, to get to his #XeeMe 🙂

Get connected with my friend today, he will promote you for free !


* 🙂  The Number One Mistake That Most People Make On #EmpireAvenue ! 🙂 🙂The Number ONE Mistake, That Most People Do On Empire Avenue :-)Your dividends went down ? “You want to know how to fix that ?” Click the image above 🙂


SUCCESSFUL INVESTING ON EMPIRE AVENUE – FOR #BEGINNERS & #PROS 🙂SUCCESSFUL INVESTING ON EMPIRE AVENUE - FOR #BEGINNERS & #PROS :-)Click the picture above to see how the pros are doing it. It’s easy, all you need is copy it 🙂


The following blog gives you even more info about empire avenue, just click the image :The New Empire Avenue - Inside and Out !

• Create Social Media Buzz with Empire Avenue • See here a short blog preview :

Just click this image - to get directly to the blog !

Empire Avenue has always been an excellent tool for monitoring your social media and online activity, and networking with more people. While the gamification of social media and influence scores will continue to be discussed and debated, services like Empire Avenue or Klout, if used correctly, can be extremely valuable to businesses. To get directly to the blog, just click this picture here, at your right ….

Of even greater value though is a powerful tool within Empire Avenue, called “Missions. Added last year, missions are activities that Empire Avenue users can set up, where other users are asked to do something, and receive in-game currency (eaves), as a reward. Using missions, you can jump-start your social media activity, and I am going to tell you how. Read more, at my blog : Click here for article !

• Empire Avenue • Navigating The Moral Maze  •  Click the pic for this cool article :

• Empire Avenue  •  Navigating The Moral Maze !

“Are you using Empire Avenue as a free, and unique analytics tool ?” By @mqtodd

"Are you using Empire Avenue as a free, and unique analytics tool ?"

You may have heard of Empire Avenue and have an impression of what it is. Have you ever thought of it as a source of analysis for your social media accounts? We all have an “online presence” and are all essentially a TV channel which is broadcasting content. We have viewers who tune in from time to time. Click the pic at your left, for this hot article !


“More great investing ?” – Click the following picture to get to my wife’s Empire AvenueAwesome Investment - Daily Rising Dividends !

“More about social media ?” – See my wife’s blog : “The World of Social Media !”

Become a social media expert in no time, and totally for free ! – Click the pic, for the blog :"The World of Social Media !" - Become a social media expert in no time !

It was a lot of work, to do this posting here, and I did it all for free. So please be so nice, and “like” it, comment on it, and/or share it. Hope to see you soon on Empire Avenue !


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