Step by step ‘hints and tips’ included for Facebook pages.


A short summary:

Working in collaboration with others re the colouration of content allows their voice to be hear to a wider population that they could previous have thought of as well as supplying each one of the participants with a ready made resource library.

Let us begin

You have a Facebook page right?.   Good.  You have been ‘sharing’ feeds to that Facebook page either from your Facebook stream or from other sources via different means.  This is

Interested in old cars then why have flowers in your posts?

Have a page that is about cars and another about flowers.

good too.

What you will have noticed is that the more use your Facebook pager gets the more people will like that page – they hit the little hand with the thumbs up sign.  

Does your Facebook pages audience come from a very ‘focused’ group of people or has this changed. as your audience…

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Do & Evolve! by Roger Koplenig

XeeMe_LogoToday I want to talk to you about social presence management, and how I started utilising it myself, as well as I use it today. Back in 2010 an online friend from Finland mentioned a link to a site called XeeSM. At this site he listed all links to his profiles on all social media platforms. Great idea I thought, and I registered for my own profile site there (13th March 2010, member no. 32384), not knowing what huge benefits I would gain of it in the future. Today this free social presence management tool is known as XeeMe (pronounced See Me) and has evolved in a great way (more than 1 million members). Instead of mentioning all my other platform links on my profiles I started to promote only my Xeeme-Link, where my entire social presence was listed.

What happened then? Honestly said, not that much. XeeMe was…

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